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The erstwhile Assam Agricultural College started its functioning on 16th August, 1948. The College started its academic programme in an abandoned military camp at Borbheta Chapori (now Hostel No.1). Thirty students were enrolled in the first batch for a four-year degree programme leading to B.Sc. (Agri) degree. The first batch passed out in 1952. Rev. B. M. Pugh was the first Principal of the college. Dr. M. C. Das took over as the Principal in 1949 and served the institution for long 17 years. He was the foster father of the college and led from the front and gained momentum to become a full-fledged Agricultural College. During the first five years of its existence, the College was affiliated to the Gauhati University. Later on, the affiliation of the college was shifted to Dibrugarh University. In 1969, Assam Agricultural University was established and Assam Agricultural College was affiliated to this university as College of Agriculture. The college has celebrated Silver Jubilee in 1973, Golden Jubilee in 1998 and now all are ready to celebrate its Platinum Jubilee Year from 16th August, 2022 to 16th August, 2023. During these 74 glorious years, the College has produced thousands of graduates and many of them have brought laurels to this prestigious college.

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Welcome to this Alumni Page of College of Agriculture, Jorhat. The College of Agriculture, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat has stepped into the 75th year of its glorious existence. Till recent time, this was the only agricultural college in entire north-eastern India and the demand for agri-graduates in all the states of the region was fulfilled by this college. As the college grew, it started attracting students of other states of the country as well as students from abroad. Its alumni have been able to adorn top level positions in government, universities, corporate houses and other organizations. Alumni are brand ambassadors of an educational institute and carry forward the name and fame of the institution…..Read more


Warm greetings to the Alumni fraternity of the College of Agriculture, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat ! As we step into the Platinum jubilee year of our alma mater, I take this opportunity to address you all through this Alumni page of College of Agriculture. Since inception in 1948, the college has profoundly ushered its services towards the development of agricultural sector through teaching, research and extension, and today, it is the premier agricultural college in Northeast India. The entire journey would not have been possible without your extraordinary support, dedication and constant endeavours in keeping the name of this institution at the forefront of agricultural development…..Read more

Historical Background……..

Historical Background……..

The erstwhile Assam Agricultural College started its functioning on 16th August, 1948. This was possible due to the efforts of some leading citizens of Jorhat and the then Prime Minister of Assam Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi. According to a reliable source, sometime in 1945, an informal meeting was held at the residence of Late Rajmohan Nath, Executive […]

Blog by Dr. Sadiq Hussain

Blog by Dr. Sadiq Hussain

আজি অসম কৃষি মহাবিদ্যালয়ৰ প্রতিষ্ঠা দিৱস। যোৰহাট নগৰৰপৰা কিছু নিলগৰ বৰভেটা চাপৰিত সেনা বাহিনীৰ এটা পৰিত্যক্ত বেৰেকত ৭৪ বছৰৰ পূর্বে অর্থাৎ ১৯৪৮ চনৰ ১৬ আগষ্টৰ দিনটোতে অসম কৃষি মহাবিদ্যালয় স্থাপন কৰা হৈছিল। মাত্র ত্রিশজন ছাত্রৰে প্রথম বার্ষিকৰ পাঠদানৰ আৰম্ভ হোৱা মহাবিদ্যালয়খনত বর্তমান শিক্ষা গ্রহণৰ বাবে আগ্রহ কৰাৰ সংখ্যা হাজাৰৰ ঘৰত। এনে এক উত্তৰণৰ কাৰণ একাধিক। […]

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List of eligible candidates (Click Here).